About Us

Family Owned and Operated Committed to
Sustainability and Professionalism

Who We Are

TEG Energy Services is a family owned and operated business that aligns itself with the principals of sustainability by ensuring that its customers get satisfaction, value for money and the knowledge that their project has the smallest ecological footprint achievable.

Our Mission

Sustainability is what we strive for, not just what we talk about. TEG Energy Services exist to deliver sustainable solutions that maximise long-term benefits to our customers and the environment.

Our Vision

TEG Energy Services is passionate about educating both customers and staff to ensure maximum benefit is obtained from our products and services. This is supported by TEG Energy Services requiring all its team members remain up to date and trained on the latest technology and regularly completing course work and certifications.

The Edwards Group (TEG)

Consulting, Engineering, Research and Development

Providing engineering services to private, mining, commercial & industrial and state and local government entities.

We provide products and services across both the software and hardware sectors.

TEG Research & Development

Providing our clients with reliable testing and analysis to applicable Australian and International standards, with innovative practical solutions to enhance your research projects.

Creating exceptional modular buildings, including residential and commercial developments.

Nugget Sports provides high quality sporting and recreational equipment that has been checked and tested to give our clients the ultimate satisfaction and experience. Our company motto “Our Products are our name” captures our mission to provide our clients with quality, reliable products that give them enjoyment and thrills.