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Backup & Storage

Data Backup & Storage ensures that electronic information is stored reliably and securely, with data kept in duplicate to ensure that it is not lost in events such, as cyber attacks, accidents and disasters. We offer a large range of data storage and backup options to suite your current and future needs, with professional advice to ensure you get what you need.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage offers a flexible data storage & sharing option with little to no initial capital outlay. However internet access is required to access and edit data on the cloud often causing issues with access speeds and revision control of documents. Our staff can help you setup and manage your cloud storage solution.

Network Storage (NAS)

Network Access Storage (NAS) drives are an excellent entry level item for small businesses and individuals who need fast, secure and shared access to all of their data with options for remote access so you can access and edit data using an internet connection from devices such as phones, tablets and laptops.

Many NAS drives offer features such as user access control, data revision back-up and RAID capability which can increase read/write speeds as well as ensures data is not lost in the even of a drive failure.

Our staff can help you select, setup, upgrade or install your NAS to suite all of your data access requirements.

Local Storage

Local storage, such as Hard Drives on your Server, PC or Laptop often run out of space, fail or just are not fast enough to suite you computing needs. We can help overcome all of these issues and even help with data recovery. Our professionally trained staff can take care of all of your computer hardware needs.


Data Backup ensures your information is not lost if it becomes corrupted or the hardware that holds it is destroyed. We can help you choose and manage your data backup to ensure that your backups remain, current and safe.