Our staff have been servicing houses and units around the Sunshine Coast for over a decade and can help you with keeping your home safe. We can help you with new builds, temporary power, renovations, repairs, pre-purchase inspections and more.


The switchboard is the hub of your home electrical network. It contains all of the fuses and circuit breakers for your house and most often the meters. If you need a new switchboard, need your old one repaired or just want to make sure your switchboard is working properly so you stay safe, one of our friendly staff can help.

Light & Power

Lighting and power outlets are both about convenience and style. We can help you with both conventional light and power as well as the cutting edge of technology, including:

  • Smart Lighting and Power
  • LED lighting Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Pool Lighting

Give voice commands and use your phone to control lighting, power outlets and other devices with one of our affordable Smart Home Systems.

Hot Water

We can help you choose the type of Hot Water System thats best for you, repair your old system, install a new system or replace your old hot water system if it's had it. It doesn't matter if solar, Heat Pump or and old storage unit,We are happy to help.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning can both cool and heat your home. Choosing the right sized system is vital to ensure that it can both do the job and save you money in the long run. Regular cleaning and servicing make sure that you and your air-conditioning system stay safe. Call us to see how we can help.

EV Charging

Electric vehicles (EV's) are an evolution in the motoring industry that is allowing EV owners to charge there vehicles at home and work, utilising solar electricity and other renewable sources to power transport. Conveniently located charging points in the garage or outdoors can save you money on travel. Call us to discuss options.