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Fibre Optics

Fibre Optic cabling can take your network speeds to the next level, increasing productivity and profits. Fibre optics is a relatively cheap way of overcoming communication issues in hazardous areas and noisy environments be eliminating signal noise and increasing data speeds. Fibre Optics is a great back bone to any large network. Our qualified Fibre-Optic technicians and engineers can take care of all of your Fibre Optic needs from installation to certification and repair.


Well designed and built Fibre Optic cabling, cabinets, FOBOT's and panels are essential to the safe and reliable operation of your fibre network. We can install underground and overhead fibre to suite your network requirements.


Fibre Optic testing and verification is essential to ensure that your fibre optic network is operating to specification. Poorly installed or damaged fibre causes signal losses and errors resulting in lower speeds than expected. We test, diagnose and repair your network when ever you need our service.

Servicing & Repair

Poorly operating and broken networks cost your business money through lost productivity. We can diagnose and fix your fibre network quickly to ensure your business returns to operation quickly.