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Network Routers & Modems

Network routers and modems are critical network infrastructure that manage all of the local network and internet activity signals. Our range of commercial and industrial grade modems ensure that you stay connected to the internet with reliability and maximum speeds. Our range of commercial and industrial routers ensure that your LAN remains reliable, secure and fast.

Network Routers

Network Routers form the hub of local network and manage network communication. A reliable fast router ensures that you get the most out of your network and stay connected to other network devices like NAS drives, Servers and modems. Our range of commercial and industrial routers are made to suite your network needs including Fibre Optics, PoE, WiFi and more.


Network modems form your gateway to the internet. A reliable modem that can ensure continuous; reliable and fast connection to the internet can save you time and money, especially if you rely on the internet for business. Our commercial and industrial modems come in 4G, 5G, FTTP and NBN capability and include features such as multiple WAN connection for load balancing and fail-over support as well as traffic control and monitoring.