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UPS & Batteries

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and battery systems ensure that critical equipment remain connected to power even during a power outages as well as offering features such as power conditioning to ensure your expensive equipment provided with clean power and is protected from power surges and spikes. Our range of UPS systems, and extended battery and storage systems keeps you connected, safe and running when others stop or fail.

Local UPS

A local UPS can save your PC from loosing power during an outage, giving you time to save your documents and shut down. They also offer power conditioning which protects your computer. Contact us to see how we can help you with a UPS today.

Server UPS

Server UPS systems are essential to make sure that your expensive server and other network equipment remains powered during an outage & protected during spikes, as well as safely shutting your server down during extended power outages. Our expert staff can specify, install, repair, upgrade or replace your UPS system today.


Batteries are vital to any UPS system as they store the electrical energy that is needed to provide power during and outage. We can replace your UPS's batteries or add a battery extender unit to your existing UPS to extend the amount of time you have during an outage, before the batteries run out.