Data & Communications

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Structure Cabling

Reliable and correctly installed structured cabling is vital both for safety and quality high speed networking. We have licensed and trained technicians and engineers to take care of all your data needs. We can help you build, maintain or expand your network at a budget that suites you. We can build data and server cabinets that will help your business grow.


Well designed data cabinets make servicing and accessing network equipment safer and easier, as well as helping keep the equipment cool. Our trained technicians and engineers, can install certified cabling to meet your data needs as well as provide networking equipment such as:

  • Data Cabinets
  • PoE
  • Devices routers modems
  • WiFi extenders


Network Cable Verification ensures that you get what you paid for when it comes to network cable performance. We have calibrated equipment to test your network against the performance requirements of the cable's rated category such as CAT 6A or CAT 7. Our trained technicians can even repair your network if it does not meet specification.

Servicing & Repair

Network failures cost Australian business millions of dollars every year. We can help you keep your network running smoothly and quickly with regular servicing maintenance and upgrades to suite your growing network demands.