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Satellite & TV

TV and Satellite systems are great when they work, but can be annoying when the reception is poor. Our trained technicians and engineers can install, maintain, service and repair your TV and Satellite system to make sure you stay connected with the best reception possible. We can help you with Satellite Dishes, Satellite TV Decoders, Satellite Phones and TV antenna.


  • Satellite Dishes
  • Satellite TV Decoders
  • Satellite Phones
  • TV antenna
  • Boosters & Amplifiers


Quality installation of satellite dishes, TV antennas and their associated cabling ensures the longevity of your investment and that you receive the highest quality reception throughout the life of your equipment.

Our trained staff can install and configure all of your TV and satellite equipment.

Servicing & Repair

Equipment failures and storm damage often affects the quality of your satellite and TV reception. This can be annoying and in the case of business, cost you time and money.

Call us to diagnose and repair your satellite or TV system today.